How to Send Skis by Courier

How to Send Skis by Courier

When it comes to sending skis by courier, there are some things to keep in mind. First, wrap the skis or ski poles in bubble wrap. This will ensure that they don’t shift around during transit. Unlike paper, bubble wrap contains air, which will cushion the skis. You can also secure the box with packing tape. After that, all you have to do is drop them off with the courier.

Ship Skis

Sending skis by courier is a simple and convenient way to get them to your destination without having to worry about checking them. With the use of an app like Send My Bag, you can track your skis’ delivery to ensure they’re in good hands. Ski shipping is also generally cheaper than checking them in as luggage, meaning you’ll spend less on extra baggage fees and get to your destination faster. In addition, you won’t have to deal with luggage carousels and queues at the airport, and you’ll also be able to get straight into your taxi without wasting time in the waiting room.

When packaging your skis for shipping, make sure that they are packed securely and snugly in their boxes. Try not to allow them to move around or touch the edges of the box, as this could cause damage in transit. If your skis are heavy, you may want to use a box that is 200 pounds or more, which is more robust than standard cardboard boxes. These boxes can be purchased at most shipping stores and should be marked with a Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp.

Skis should be wrapped in bubble wrap before shipping them, along with ski poles, to prevent them from shifting in transit. While paper is an alternative, it doesn’t provide enough cushioning. Once wrapped, place your skis into a box and secure it with packing tape. Your courier will then deliver your skis to your destination.

Luggage Free

When you need to ship skis by courier, there’s no need to worry about hefty baggage fees. You can send skis using Luggage Free, which offers white glove service. Not only does Luggage Free offer affordable domestic shipping prices, but they also ensure you won’t have to wait in line to receive your skis.

Many airlines have policies governing ski-shipping. Check to see whether you can send two ski bags for free. Several large airlines will count a separate ski bag and boot bag as one piece of luggage. If they weigh less than 50 pounds, this means you’ll not be penalized for the extra weight. A wheeled snowboard bag weighs 27 pounds.

Whether you’re flying internationally or just want to send your ski bag to a friend or family member, Luggage Free’s ski shipping service eliminates the hassle of dealing with customs forms, labeling, and other hassles. Plus, their service is guaranteed to arrive on time with no late fees. It’s also possible to purchase a $500 insurance policy for your shipment.


Shipping skis by courier can be expensive, especially if you have a large quantity. The length and width of a ski box determine the rate of shipping. Shorter skis are cheaper to ship than long ones. Fortunately, the top domestic couriers have a range of rates for shipping skis. You can save up to 91% on ski shipping by using Easyship, which compares real-time, accurate rates for all major couriers.

If you need to send your skis by courier, make sure to choose a service that can handle the weight. Adult skis weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, including bindings. Shipping rates for snowboards are similar to those for skis, but may require additional fees. Generally, you should expect to pay $50-200 for ski shipping.

While shipping skis by courier can be a quick and easy way to move your skis, you should consider insuring them. While most couriers provide insurance up to $50, it is still not enough to protect expensive equipment. You can purchase additional insurance through your courier, which will cost you a one-time fee of around $10. It is also recommended that you use a courier that offers tracking and insurance.

Burst-Strength boxes

When sending skis by courier, it’s a good idea to choose boxes that have high burst strength. These boxes are often designed to handle the shock of being dropped, jostled, and jammed. You can find this information on the box’s manufacturer certificate.

A good box to use for shipping skis is one that is at least 200 pounds. This is much stronger than a regular carton and will prevent damage if the skis are dropped. You can buy burst-strength boxes at most shipping stores. Make sure you purchase one with the manufacturer’s certification stamp to ensure your skis are protected from the outside world.

Corrugated boxes are also an option for lightweight products. These boxes can prevent crinkling and stacking damage, and have a burst-strength rating of at least 125 pounds. These boxes are also lightweight, which means they can be easily wrapped around a ski.

Corrugated boxes have several layers and differ in strength. Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated linerboard that meets a standard called Mullen Test. This test determines how much pressure each layer of corrugated cardboard can handle. Corrugated boxes that are 200 pounds or more are preferable.


If you’re shipping skis, it is important to have insurance to protect your skis. Most couriers automatically insure shipments for up to $50 or $100, but if you’re shipping a pair of expensive skis, this isn’t enough. If you’d like to receive additional insurance, you can do so directly from the courier, or choose to add it yourself. Insurance rates are calculated based on the declared value of the package. Most major couriers offer package tracking, so you’ll be able to track the status of your skis while they’re in transit.

Sending skis by courier saves you the hassle of waiting at the airport for your luggage. If you’re sending a pair of skis to a ski resort, they’ll usually help you out with delivery. Sometimes, ski resorts have their own preferred on-site delivery point. Check with your employer to learn where they can accept your skis and make sure someone is on-site to sign for the package.

When sending skis by courier, it’s important to choose the right size box and the appropriate packaging for your items. Adult skis generally weigh 10 to 15 pounds, including bindings. You’ll also need to check whether your skis are too big to fit in the box. If they’re too large, you may have to pay an additional “oversized” fee. However, this fee will be minimal compared to the cost of sending skis by courier.


Cost of sending skis by courier varies depending on the service you choose and the size and weight of the skis. The cheapest method of sending skis is to bring them on an airplane, but if you have a large shipment, you can also use the USPS. There are a number of advantages to sending skis by courier, including reduced shipping costs, and you’ll have them at your destination sooner than you expected.

First of all, make sure you insure your skis. Most courier services automatically insure your shipment up to $50 or $100, but you can pay extra for more insurance. Generally, shipping insurance for skis costs between $50 and $200, which can make your skis safe and dry during transit.

Next, choose the correct size box for your skis. You can order these online or at stores. Courier ski boxes cost $20-25, but you can also buy a ski-sized box from a shipping supply wholesaler for as little as $9. In addition, some major courier companies let you ship your skis in ski bags and luggage bags, and you can receive free plastic wrap to protect them during transit.

Luggage Free app

Skis can be a pain to pack and travel with, but with Ship Skis you can get the hassle out of this process. With this app you can easily have your skis couriered to your hotel, home, or office, or even pick them up at a FedEx or UPS store. Once you’ve selected the date you’d like to have your skis picked up, you can select a pickup location and a carrier.

Ski resorts can help you get your skis on time for your vacation. Some ski resorts provide delivery services for seasonaires, but it’s important to check with your employer for their preferred on-site drop-off location. Additionally, make sure someone will be available to accept the delivery if it isn’t you.

When you ship your skis by courier, you’ll be able to follow their progress via an app. You can get notifications when your skis are picked up, out for delivery, and delivered.

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