How to Send a Suitcase Or Other Luggage by Courier

How to Send a Suitcase Or Other Luggage by Courier

When shipping your suitcase or other luggage, it is essential to follow the correct shipping protocol. Most couriers require that you pack your suitcases in outer boxes to avoid damaging sorting systems and conveyors. Some couriers, however, such as UPS, will also accept unboxed suitcases, but these services usually come with additional fees. When shipping an unboxed suitcase, make sure that the straps and handles are secured and that all luggage is wrapped in plastic. Fabric suitcases should also not be shipped with shipping labels, as they may damage the shipping system.


Shipping rates for suitcases and other luggage vary depending on the destination and weight of the package. International shipping can be especially expensive. If you’re going on vacation and need to ship your luggage to a distant country, consider using a luggage courier service. You can use a booking engine to compare the costs of different companies and choose the best option.

Some airlines charge extortionate fees for luggage, and sending a suitcase or other luggage by courier is often cheaper than checking it. However, the fee can be very high for a bag over 50 pounds. Some airlines charge as much as $100 or more for oversized bags.

Some airlines and courier services charge additional fees for international shipping. The cost of international shipping depends on the destination airport and destination. UPS, FedEx, and DHL are among the major companies that can ship a suitcase internationally. A few courier companies also ship suitcases domestically. USPS can also ship your suitcases if they are boxed and are under 70 pounds.

For example, if you plan to ship a medium-sized suitcase from Los Angeles to New York, you’ll need to pay a flat rate of between $150 and $200 to have it delivered. A luggage courier service can be cheaper because they’ll pick it up for you and store it for up to six months.

For international travel, SendMyBag may be the best choice. This service will provide all the paperwork for customs clearance, which is an important step when moving overseas. It also makes it possible for you to skip check-in and baggage claim lines if you send your luggage by courier. However, this courier service may not be as personalized as a smaller luggage shipping company, and it may require special pickup, which may require additional expenses.

While a courier service will typically charge a flat rate for a medium-sized suitcase, it will also charge you for additional packaging and insurance. A medium-size bag weighing up to 50 pounds costs $119 one way and $249 for overnight shipping. There are also cheaper rates available for economy shipping for smaller bags, such as the $89 economy option for delivery in four to seven business days.


When you travel abroad, there are a number of different ways to get your suitcase or other luggage to its destination quickly. One of the most convenient ways to do this is by using courier services. When you choose this service, the courier will pick up your suitcase at home or drop it off at a nearby UPS or FedEx location. You can choose between ground, next-day or same-day delivery, and you can choose a flat rate or an expedited service.

Depending on the size and weight of your luggage, you can find out how much it will cost to ship your suitcase by courier. Several different courier services are available, so you’ll be able to get a competitive quote from several different providers. Also, some countries have stricter regulations on personal effects, so it’s important to understand the specific rules for shipping your items. For instance, you may want to be aware of the rules in Mexico regarding used clothes and other personal effects.


Expenses for sending a suitcase or other luggage vary greatly depending on the courier and destination. Using a shipping calculator can help you compare several quotes from various couriers to determine the best deal. It’s also important to understand the rules regarding personal effects when shipping overseas. For instance, some countries have strict rules about reusing used clothing. Others, like Japan and India, have specific processes for sending and receiving personal effects.

There are additional fees for sending luggage that is oversize or overweight. These fees can vary widely and can be as much as $150 or $200. In addition, if you have more than one checked bag, the fee may be higher. Depending on where you’re going, the luggage may need to be shipped by courier, which is more expensive than sending it via regular mail.

Shipping your luggage by courier is usually more affordable than using an airline. However, it requires you to arrange someone to receive it. In addition, the person receiving the luggage must complete customs procedures. It also takes more time to prepare the luggage. There is also a risk of damage or delays.

Aside from convenience, luggage shipping companies also compete on price. While most airlines charge up to $50 per bag, specialty luggage shippers offer competitive rates. Depending on the weight of the bag, the distance it travels and the speed of service, these fees can be significantly lower.

Some couriers have their own pricing structures. Some provide flat-rate shipping, while others charge by the size and type of bag. Some also offer next-day delivery, which is often the most affordable option. If you need to send your luggage within the continental U.S., you can use a service like LuggageToShip. The cost is between $15 and $50 per bag.

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