How to Sell Used Toys and Children’s Clothes

How to Sell Used Toys and Children’s Clothes

If you’re considering selling your kids’ clothes and toys, you have several options. Some of them include Consignment sales, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Mercari. You’ll also want to make sure to keep the items clean. No one wants to purchase a dirty toy, so make sure to clean it thoroughly before you list it.

Consignment sales

Consignment sales for children’s clothes and toys offer great deals to consumers. Prices are usually 50 percent to 70 percent below retail prices. Clothing can be as affordable as two dollars, while toys can fetch as much as $20. Some consignment sales even offer household items, like DVDs and CDs, and books. Some consignment sales also feature clearance sales, in which any unsold items are sold at steep discounts.

Before consigning items, make sure you sort them by their condition. For instance, if a toy has missing pieces, put it aside in a box until it is needed again. Other unusable items should be put in a bin and marked as such.

Yard sales are another great option. You can become a vendor and earn a percentage of sales. These sales are less daunting than garage sales and do not require you to invite strangers into your home. They are also more community-oriented than eBay and generally accept items that haven’t been used or are still brand new.

Kids clothing consignment sales are another way to find used toys and clothing for children. These sales are typically held in spring and fall, and often include a half-price sale on the final day, usually a Saturday. You can check out a list of consignment sales in your area on websites like Muscogee Moms. These groups are active in a variety of areas and regularly update their listings.

To participate in a consignment sale, you must register early. Consignors are encouraged to contact the consignment sales site a month before the event. Some consignment sales limit the number of consignors, so the earlier you sign up, the better your chances of getting a space.

Facebook Marketplace

The first step in selling your used kids’ clothes and toys on Facebook Marketplace is determining what you’re willing to sell. Research similar products and determine what they’re selling for, and be honest about the condition of each item. Decide whether you want to list your price as a fixed price or if you’d like to negotiate the price with the buyer.

Putting the right price on an item is the most important part of selling it on Facebook Marketplace. In general, you want to set a price 50% less than the usual retail price. However, if the item is in great condition, you may consider listing it for a higher price. You should also include as much information as possible in your listing description. This will help potential buyers learn more about the product and will distinguish your listing from other sellers.

The Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell almost anything. Some of the most popular items are furniture, home office items, sports equipment, and books. The best items to sell on Facebook Marketplace are the ones that are in good condition. Other good categories to sell on Facebook Marketplace include used toys and kids’ clothes.

Before selling your used items, make sure you take good pictures of each item. Then, post a listing in a Facebook group. Unlike eBay, there’s no cost to list your items on Facebook, so you’ll be able to keep all of the profit.

When you’re ready to list an item, make sure you include a few good photos and a description that is both clear and informative. This will help potential buyers decide whether to buy or sell your used items. If your item is in good condition, it should sell quickly on Facebook Marketplace.

Another great place to sell used children’s clothes and toys is Mercari. Mercari has different categories for toys, including used toys, vintage toys, and collectibles. You can list a toy for free, and you’ll receive payment via PayPal or store credit when the sale is completed. If you’re not interested in selling online, you can also donate the toy. This way, you’ll be bringing joy to a new set of kids!


If you have used children’s clothes and toys, you can sell them on eBay. The process is very easy. First, you need to take a photo of the item and list it in a group. It’s important to have a clear picture so potential buyers can see the item’s features and quality. Also, note if there are any blemishes or defects on the item. Finally, think about how to ship the items to customers.

Another way to sell your used kids’ clothes is through an online store like ThredUP. This site has thousands of items for sale at up to 90% off retail. You can browse through these items by brand, age, and sex. You can also search for items with tags still attached. You can also choose the price for your items on ThredUp.

When selling used children’s clothes and toys, you need to make sure that your items are clean. No one wants to buy dirty or soiled items. To clean a hard plastic toy, you can use a disinfectant wipe. If you are worried about the safety of your items, you can use plant-based disinfecting wipes such as Seventh Generation.

Besides the potential profit, used kid stuff on eBay can be a great way to recoup some of your costs. With the added bonus of a higher selling price, you can even buy new clothes and shoes for your kid. Unlike retail stores, selling used kid stuff on eBay is also a great way to make some extra money.

Another good option for selling children’s clothing and toys is Mercari. Mercari features a large variety of children’s clothes and toys. You can search for specific items or browse by category. Mercari is also free to use and list items. Listing fees are only 10% of the sale price.


Mercari is a great website that allows you to sell gently used toys and children’s clothes. You can search through categories or browse through individual listings. You can also make offers to the sellers. Some include the cost of shipping in the purchase price while others may ask for an extra fee.

Mercari is a website that allows users to list items and cover the shipping costs. Once you’ve listed an item, Mercari will email you a prepaid shipping label. You’ll have up to three business days to send the item. Mercari charges sellers a 2.9 percent fee on every transaction and you’ll also need to cover the cost of the payment processing fee.

Mercari also allows you to sell electronics like video games. There are often ads on the app for used video games and video gaming systems. Make sure to test the electronics before sending them to potential buyers. Also, be sure to remove any personal data from the devices you’re selling.

Mercari also lets you sell practically anything. Small electronic items and videogames are especially popular. Older PC and console games are also popular items to sell. Shoes are another popular item. The easiest to sell are designer items. If you have a lot of unwanted items, Mercari can be a great place to sell them.

Another great feature of Mercari is the Smart Pricing feature. Basically, you set a floor price and list price, and Mercari adjusts it based on the demand for the items. You can choose to have the buyer pay for shipping, or to cover it yourself. It’s best to research the market value of the item before you list it. Mercari also offers bundles, so it’s a good way to save money by selling multiple items.

Mercari is an online website that allows you to sell your used toys and clothes. The site doesn’t charge listing fees, but you do have to pay 10% of the price if the item sells. Mercari also has a community of users and allows you to sell items from your local area.

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